Cosmetic Quality Systems

cosmetics_photoThe FDA has begun a recent goal of establishing a single global quality system solution for all FDA regulated industries. Implementation of such a system now will gain respect and admiration from the regulatory agencies world-wide. The elements of a cosmetic quality system will include:

  • Management oversight of operations and quality
  • Corrective and Preventative actions policy and procedures to improve internal systems
  • Regulatory oversight of labels and claims
  • Supplier qualification systems
  • Final product testing
  • Final product specifications
  • Training in GMP’s and product handling
  • Document control
  • Change control
  • Validation efforts to ensure consistency of equipment and processes
  • Design control during formulation and development

The benefits are numerous and extraordinary. The cost of implementation may be high, but after implementation, the rewards far exceed any expense. The benefits include:

  • Saves time, energy and money
  • Reduces headaches and repetition
  • Reduces rework and destruction
  • Adds value to customers, thus increasing business
  • Focus moves toward the customer in a more customer oriented style