med_device_photoOne of the key elements to the introduction of any new product is the design engineering to ensure that the new product idea can be manufactured in a safe and cost effective manner. Ceutical Laboratories has obtained high caliber design engineers to enhance your designs and capabilities.

The types of products that our clients have brought to us are wide and varied. These products have included ophthalmics, nasal inhalation systems, drug delivery systems, fixation devices, surgical instruments, gynecological instruments, and wound care.

The principles of design are provided in ISO and QSR documentation and guidance. Ceutical Laboratories takes a six phase approach to its design control. Beginning with concept and ending with product transfer to the manufacturing facility. Each phase of the development process has established deliverables. These deliverables are mutually agreed and no advancement to the next level can occur without approvals of all parties.

During design and development for a new product, the client participates only at a level that is comfortable. Ceutical Labs can handle the entire project or participate in a limited fashion. Design reviews can require full participation of the customer or again can be handled without customer participation. The final design review and design approval will require customer approval.

Our design focus in on the end customer with significant concerns applied to the customer and manufacturing. The concerns applied to manufacturing include costs of process, cost of raw materials, and cost of equipment.

We look forward to participating in a design project with you.